Last week, Gov. Kathy Hochul's message to Biden administration officials was a straightforward one as New York continues to grapple with an influx of migrants.

With President Joe Biden on a speaker phone, White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients and senior administration officials present, Hochul asked directly for help. 

"I said 'we need help, we need resources, we need federal facilities,'" Hochul told reporters on Tuesday. 

For the last month, the migrant situation has landed in Hochul's lap in the wake of New York City Mayor Eric Adams' move to voluntarily send people who have arrived in the state, some seeking asylum status, to counties north of the city. 

The development has led to a tangle of legal challenges from local governments seeking to block Adams' program or allow it to go forward. 

New York's state budget in May set aside $1 billion for migrant support in New York City, which includes funding for the National Guard as well as legal services. 

Aside from housing, Hochul has urged the federal government to expedite work permit rules for migrants with aslum seeker status so they can obtain a job while they are in New York. 

Hochul's efforts with the federal government have yielded only a few results so far. She previously requested federal aid in May, including resources from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. She wants approval to house migrants at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. 

None of that requested aid has come so far, though the use of a hangar at John F. Kenney International Airport has been approved by the federal government. 

As for using State University of New York campuses as temporary housing, Hochul on Tuesday said that would be up to Adams. SUNY campus housing has presented challenges: Students return for the next semester in August. Political opposition has also arisen from the suggestion. 

"I said I would look and survey all available properities. I've done that, I've offered that to the mayor," Hochul said. "Some SUNY facilities we may be able to find a dorm to go into the fall. It may not work."