Nearly all of the school district budgets up for consideration by voters on Tuesday were approved, according to initial projections by the New York State United Teachers. 

All told, about 99% of the budgets were approved by voters. Out of the 534 budgets up for a vote, only nine went down in defeat. 

And only a handful of the school districts wanted to override the state's cap on property tax increases: 13 out of 16 districts trying to override the limit were successful. 

New York caps property tax increases at 2% limits or the rate of inflation, whichever is lower. 

The districts that had their budgets go down in defeat can have a re-vote on June 20. 

The umbrella labor organization also pointed to the 85% of the 360 candidates local unions endorsed in board elections. 

“New Yorkers again showed that they believe public schools unite our communities. Voters came out to support investing in our children and educators,” said NYSUT President Melinda J. Person. “They also supported school board candidates committed to bringing people together through strong and well-run public schools, not those who stoke division. When local voters prioritize supporting public schools, everybody wins.”