A coalition of good-government organizations on Thursday called for the approval of a package of measures meant to expand government transparency in New York. 

The bills, which would address access to public records as well as government meetings, have stalled in recent years in the state Legislature. 

A push for the bills is being made by groups like Reinvent Albany ahead of "Sunshine Week" in March when news organizations and good-government groups highlight transparency needs in government.

Sunshine Week this year will be recognized from March 12 to March 18. 

"We believe that aligning your efforts to pass the same bills will help increase transparency and send a strong message that the Legislature is working together to bring more sunlight to New York," the groups wrote in the letter. "The legislation will also help the Legislature to better conduct oversight of state government."

The measures include ending what the groups call a loophole in the state's opening meetings law that make it harder to gain access to government entities that are considered "purely advisory" and allow them to no longer hold open meetings. 

Separately, the groups also want consideration of expanding the state Freedom of Information Law to include consultant reports paid for with taxpayer money, clarify language for attorneys fees in open records cases and expand financial disclosure requirements for candidates seeking state office.