Gov. Kathy Hochul plans to address multiple factors that contribute to the crime in New York in her State of the State next week, she told reporters on Friday. 

Hochul is set to unveil her 2023 agenda on Tuesday after an election season in which issues surrounding crime and public safety dominated debates over the direction of the state. 

"You'll see a very thoughtful approach on bail; we're looking at all aspects of the crime problem," she said, adding "all the facets, all the contributors, to the crime rate" will be discussed in the speech. 

"I think the issue is not the threshold on crimes, but the discretions given to the judges," Hochul added. "That has to be dealt with." 

Democrats in the state Legislature have also signaled they want to address public safety, but whether more changes to New York's law that ended cash bail requirements for many criminal charges could remain a high hurdle. 

Hochul last year was able to secure some alterations to the law, but it remained a lightning rod during the campaign season nevertheless. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who campaigned on addressing crime, has pushed for bail law changes as well as provisions to address a broader array of aspects of the criminal justice system. On Friday in an interview with NY1, Adams said he wanted to work with Albany lawmakers to address the recidivism rate. 

Hochul echoed that call later in the day on Friday. 

"We're focused at dealing with the recidivism rate," she said.