New York lawmakers are weighing a ban on outside income as they discuss potentially increasing their salary in a special session of the Legislature. 

A source on Tuesday confirmed a special session of the Legislature could be held next week, with legislative pay reaching $130,000. New York lawmakers currently earn $110,000. 

Talks over having lawmakers return to Albany remain fluid and nothing has been agreed to as of Tuesday evening. Gov. Kathy Hochul last week indicated she would support a legislative pay raise. 

A longtime sticking point in discussions surrounding legislative pay increases has been the income lawmakers earn outside of their jobs as elected officials. Many lawmakers also work for law firms, or receive income as the owners of businesses. 

Banning outside pay re-emerged as a sore point for the Legislature when former Gov. Andrew Cuomo received a lucrative book deal in 2020, and it was later determined by an Assembly-backed investigation government staffers were used to help him write it. 

It's not clear how broad the ban on outside pay would be, and whether the governor and other statewide elected officials would be included. 

An appointed pay commission for lawmakers had been devised as a way of side stepping the politically thorny issue, and was ruled constitutional earlier this year by the state Court of Appeals.