The New York State Thruway Authority next month is set to consider the first toll hikes on E-Z Pass tagholders in a decade. 

Officials at the authority that oversees the 496-mile system confirmed Wednesday morning the hikes are being considered and the board will formally launch the process starting next week. That process will include public hearings before any official decision on toll increases is made. 

If approved, E-Z Pass cutomers would see their tolls increase by about 5% on the first day of 2024. An additional 5% toll increase would also be put into effect in January 2027. 

On the Mario Cuomo Bridge, a proposed 50-cent-per-year increase would be put into effect from 2024-27. The final toll in 2027 will be $7.75.

Thruway Authority spokesman Jonathan Dougherty in a statement pointed to the need to shore up infrastructure on the system. 

"Here are the facts behind the proposal: Tolls remain frozen through 2023 and if passed, we will maintain some of the lowest toll rates in the nation," he said. "As a tolling authority, we receive no state, federal or local tax dollars to support our operations, and when effective, we will not have had a system-wide toll increase for NY E-ZPass customers in 14 years. This is a responsible financial plan to ensure the Authority will meet its growing capital and infrastructure needs for a system that is approaching 70 years in age."

The Thruway in New York is now based on a cashless system and drivers without E-Z Pass are sent a bill in the mail to collect their tolls. Drivers who do not have E-Z Pass are considered less frequent users of the system.