Sales tax revenue continued to grow in New York despite gas tax holidays at the local level in full swing — a sign that inflation continues to play a role in the prices consumers are paying. 

State Comptroller Tom DiNapol's office on Wednesday announced sales tax collections increased by 14.1% in October compared to the same time a year ago. 

All told, local sales tax revenue reached $1.75 billion, an increase of $217 million compared to October 2021.

Local governments benefit from the sales tax revenue, but the money isn't necessarily what it used to be as municipalities are also affected by inflated prices.   

“October’s sales tax collections saw the strongest monthly year-over-year growth since May, despite the participation of many counties in the gas tax holiday,” DiNapoli said. “However, as inflation continues to increase costs for many municipalities, it is important that local officials recognize that changing economic conditions may impede future collections.”

In New York City, collections reached nearly $789 million, a 17.3% increase over last year October. Nearly every county saw sales tax revenue grow compared to last October.