New York state Attorney General Letitia James urged a federal judge Monday to keep the state's concealed carry law in full effect, warning that it would be a danger to the public to suspend the enforcement of its provisions. 

The legal motion came as a federal judge last week suspended multiple provisions of the law approved this summer in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that overturned a century-old concealed carry measure. 

The restraining order allows a legal challenge to the law from the Gun Owners of America to go forward. 

The law places new requirements for obtaining a concealed carry permit in the state as well as where guns can be carried.

Federal Judge Glenn Suddaby, however, placed a temporary restraining order on the enforcement of several of its provisions, including requirements that license applicants submit up to three years' of social media data, provide the names of their spouses and close family members and demonstrate "good moral character."

The ruling also limited where guns are restricted in so-called "sensitive areas" that are not public property, like Times Square in New York City. 

Suddaby gave New York officials three days to submit an appeal before the restraining order took effect. 

“Today my office filed a motion to keep the entire Concealed Carry Improvement Act in effect and continue to protect communities as the appeals process moves forward," James said in a statement. "This common-sense gun control legislation is critical in our state’s effort to reduce gun violence. We will continue to fight for the safety of everyday New Yorkers.”

The motion warns that the law should be in full effect or public safety would be harmed.  

"The serious risk of irreparable harm to public safety and the possibility of regulatory chaos necessitates an immediate appeal," the motion states. "As the data confirm, more guns carried in more places by more people result in more crime, violence, and homicide."

Gov. Kathy Hochul last week said she was confident the law would be upheld, telling reporters it was carefully crafted with the expectation of a legal challenge.