New York Gov. Kathy Hochul sought to de-escalate a simmering dispute on Thursday with Texas as Gov. Greg Abbott has sent migrants and asylum seekers from the southern U.S. border to New York City.

Republicans, including Abbott and Hochul's general election challenger U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, have pointed to New York's laws that they say entice undocumented immigrants, including giving them access to driver's licenses. 

Zeldin, a House member from Long Island, has said government needs to stop "incentivizing & rewarding illegal entry." 

But Hochul sought to sidestep the debate over the immigration policy in New York, and focused on a push for Congress to act.  

"I'm not here to pass blame on a Democrat or Republican policy," she said. "This cries out for a federal response." 

Hochul, speaking with reporters after signing a chip manufacturing measure, added the laws in New York meant to benefit undocumented residents are not likely attracting migrants and asylum seekers at the border. 

"I'm not sure they are coming into Texas because of what we're doing here in New York," Hochul said. "This cries out for a federal solution. Democrat, Republican we have to get this together." 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has decried the strain on housing and other resources created by Texas busing migrants north. He has also suggested he would campaign against Abbott this year as he seeks re-election.