New York consumers should be on the alert for price gouging of baby formula during a supply shortage, state Attorney General Letitia James said.

The formula shortage has dragged on for the last several weeks following supply chain problems and a recall from a major supplier earlier this year. The scarcity has led to some parents driving to multiple stores to find formula.

At the same time, James warned retailers about boosting the cost of baby formula beyond a reasonable price during the shortage.

“The national baby formula shortage is terrifying for parents concerned about how to feed their children,” James said. “The last thing any family needs is to be price gouged on critical nutrition for their little ones, which is why I am putting profiteers seeking to take advantage of this crisis on notice."

And James' office is urging consumers to report any potential price gouging. Consumers can make price gouging complaints at the attorney general's website.

Meanwhile, James urged parents who have extra formula to consider donations to food pantries to help needy families.

"If New Yorkers see exorbitant price increases for baby formula, I encourage them to report it to my office immediately," she said. "Anyone who seeks to take advantage of this crisis is on notice. I also urge any parent who is struggling to find formula to speak with their child’s doctor before altering or using formula other than directed. If New Yorkers have excess unopened, unexpired formula, please consider donating it to your local food pantry to help families in need."

Republicans, meanwhile, blamed the Biden administration for not doing enough to proactively handle the issue during the initial recall.

"Hardworking parents are already paying the price for Biden’s inflation and supply chain crises," said Rep. Elise Stefanik. "They can’t wait weeks for formula."