The political arm allied with the New York Immigration Coalition on Friday endorsed nine Democratic incumbents in the state Legislature as the group seeks to flex it muscles in the upcoming elections. 

NYIC Action, the sister organization of the New York Immigration Coalition, is issuing a series of endorsements this election cycle for the state Senate and Assembly, pointing to the lack of action over federal immigration policy in Congress. 

New York lawmakers in recent years have enacted measures meant to bolster rights for immigrants, including undocumented residents in the state. 

"The stakes for immigrant New Yorkers in this year’s election cycle are too high to focus solely on Congress," said Murad Awawdeh, the executive director of NYIC Action. "This round of endorsements features a slate of fierce, experienced leaders with a demonstrated record in Albany of pushing forward immigrant rights and building up communities. These are legislators whose time in the halls of power has never tempered their demands for justice for every single one of their constituents, including immigrant New Yorkers. They ensured that the Empire State stood tall against President Trump’s virulent xenophobia and will not allow Federal inaction on immigration reform to stop our efforts to create a New York that works for all of us.”

The endorsements announced on Friday included Democratic Sens. Luis Sepulveda, John Mannion and Rachel May. In the Assembly, the group endorsed lawmakers Vivian Cook, Latrice Walker, Eddie Gibbs, Yudelka Tapia, Steve Otis and Demon Meeks.