Rich Azzopardi, a longtime spokesman and advisor to former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has started a public relations firm which formally launches Monday.  

Azzopardi has formed Bulldog Strategies, a firm that will handle communications, crisis commnuications and policy advancement. 

“I’ve never shied away from the tough challenges as few battles worth waging are easy,” Azzopardi said. “Experience and expertise matter and if you hire Bulldog Strategies, you will get a battle-tested, and relentless advocate who will fight tooth and nail for you.”

Cuomo is expected to remain a client for Azzopardi, who had served as a senior advisor and communications director when the former governor was in office. Since Cuomo's resignation on Aug. 24, Azzopardi has continued to work as Cuomo's spokesman. 

Azzopardi previously worked for the state Senate as well as a reporter.