What's the status of New York's new cannabis law in your hometown? A new database from the Rockefeller Institute of Government is tracking the status of the law in local governments around New York. 

The database made public Friday by the Albany-based public policy think tank tracks which local governments have decided to opt out of allowing cannabis dispensaries and/or on-site consumption lounges. 

The database can be sorted by municipality, dispensary opt-out decision or by on-site consumption and opt-out decision. Some local governments are yet to settle their decision, and the status of allowing dispensaries or consumption sites remains undetermined. 

The database is expected to be updated as new decision as made.

New York's new marijuana taxation and legalization act allows local governments the ability to bar the cannabis industry from their communities. Nevertheless, the state is expected to take in billions of dollars from the sale and taxation of cannabis in New York in the coming years once the law is fully implemented.