New York's efforts to manufacture its own personal protective equipment in the state has led to a $20 million investment from the state and helped to support 3,000 jobs, a coalition of manufacturing firms said. 

The push was part of an effort by then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2020 to have reliable supply chain for pandemic-related supplies, including face masks, face shields, sanitizing products and gloves. Now, as Gov. Kathy Hochul signals she wants to keep the program in place, manufacturing companies this month signaled they're ready to work with her new administration. 

"We have the expertise, resources, and manufacturing capacity to make sure that every New York resident has the highest quality protective equipment, manufactured right here in their home state," wrote the coalition of 35 New York companies called NYS PPE Manufacturers. 

Hochul at an annual gathering of the New York Business Council last month singled out the program, indicating it's something she wants to continue. 

Private sector companies spent millions of dollars in addition to the public funding for encouraging the manufacturing of personal protective equipment. That, in turn, led to the making of tens of millions of pandemic-related units for hospitals, doctors' offices and schools. 

And as COVID-19 cases continue amid concerns of another wintertime spike as well as the uncertainty stoked by problems with the global supply chain, manufacturing in New York could continue. 

"By doing so we can strengthen the economy of New York State, keep hundreds of hard-working New Yorkers on the job," the companies wrote, "and ensure that New Yorkers are getting the proper protection they need to see them through another pandemic winter and beyond."