Eleanor's Legacy on Tuesday endorsed its largest slate of candidates in its 20-year history, backing 189 Democratic candidates running across the state.

The group, which recruits and backs Democratic women who have reproductive rights in New York, is backing candidates seeking a variety of offices in an election year that is mostly composed of local-level races.

The endorsements include Kimberly Beaty, candidate for Sheriff in Erie County; India Walton, mayoral candidate in Buffalo; Anne Coonrad, running for Family Court Judge in Rensselaer County; Kelly Mateja, running for Town Supervisor in Colonie; and Robin Lois, candidate for County Comptroller in Dutchess County.

“We are thrilled and inspired by the women that are running throughout the state. Those on our endorsement list have the experience and determination to make such a difference in their communities” said the head of Eleanor Legacy, Sophie Nir, “In the 2021 election cycle, we stand to elect more women than ever before, across the state – and Eleanor’s Legacy is proud to support these women with the tools they need to cross the finish line on election day. This is women supporting women in real-time, with real benefits for the whole of New York State.”

An endorsement from the group includes training sessions and consulting services for candidates, as well as access to social media graphics.