Fighting to reduce the effects of climate change is "personal" given that her own community growing up faced pollution troubles, Gov. Kathy Hochul on Thursday said. 

Hochul announced this week she is backing an additional $1 billion for what had been a $3 billion bond act for shoring up the state's environmental infrastructure, with a focus on clean water and air projects around the state. 

Doing so would cost New York families the equivalent of a meal at Shake Shack, Hochul said during an unrelated news conference in New York City. 

"I think people who love their children, care about their planet, will sacrifice the cost of that once a year once we've deployed all we can with a multi-faceted approach to climate change," she said. 

Hochul pointed to her upbringing in Lackawanna, and the problems with air pollution in the community. That has made clean air monitoring a major concern for her, she said. 

"Pollution," Hochul said, "was just a fact of life."