The nation's governors on Monday called on Congress to approve funding by the end of July that would reimburse the National Guard after it bolstered security at the U.S. Capitol seven months ago. 

The push is being made by the National Governors Association, which was until earlier month co-chaired by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. New York sent more than 1,000 members of its National Guard to Washington following the riot at the Capitol in order to provide an added layer of security ahead of President Joe Biden's inauguration. 

All told, more than 26,000 Guard members from around the country were deployed to Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Capitol. 

Without a reimbursement for the deployment, some states and territories may cancel drill and annual training or defer maintenance on equipment and facilities. Furloughs and a pause in hiring is also a possibility, the NGA said. 

"It is Congress’s responsibility to ensure the well-being of our service members, especially when supporting federal missions," the association said. "The Guard played an historic and unprecedented role in 2020 and into 2021, helping to secure the peace; recover from natural disasters; and assist with COVID-19 response, testing and vaccinations."