New York City continues to top the regional unemployment rate within the state last month more than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic initially closed businesses and public gathering spaces, Department of Labor numbers show. 

It's a sign the engine of the state's economy has been slower to fully recover from the reopening since then as pandemic guidelines are beginning to loosen around New York and the country. 

The unemployment in New York City in April stood at 10.8%, down from 15.5% a year ago. The double-digit percentage pushed New York's jobless rate up overall in April to 8.2%. No other region of the state has an unemployment rate of above 10%. 

Ithaca remains the area with the lowest unemployment of 4.2%, down from 11% a year ago, but still higher than where the region was pre-pandemic. 

The closure of businesses had the greatest impact on the tourism and hospitality sectors of the state's economy. Overall New York last year shed 2 million jobs in reaction to the subsequent pandemic-induced recession.