The state Senate on Wednesday is set to approve a measure that would bar the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in retail stores.

The bill is meant to crack down on puppy mills in the state, which advocates have over the years decried for inhumane treatment of animals.

“With so many good animals in need of rescue, there is no need for puppy mills that abuse animals to supply pet stores. Our four-legged companions should be treated with respect, not like commodities,” said Sen. Michael Gianaris, a Queens Democrat who sponsors the legislation. “I thank my colleagues for joining me in passing this important legislation and look forward to working with Assembly Member Rosenthal to get this bill over the finish line.”

The measure has the backing of the ASPCA and animal protection organizations, who point to the impact of puppy mills have on offpsring of the animals who are raised there. In the Assembly, the bill is backed by Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal.

“We can seize this moment to save countless animals from suffering by cutting off the puppy mill-to-pet store pipeline once and for all,”  she said“Preventing the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores won’t just protect animals, it will also save customers the great heartache and expense that comes with falling in love with an animal that is destined by its breeding to become irreparably sick."