The Democratic-led chambers of the state Legislature on Monday approved an extension of the moratorium on evictions for people who can demonstrate a pandemic-related financial hardship. 

The state Senate approved the measure 42-21, and the Assembly followed suit soon after in a 97-51 vote. 

The eviction ban is retroactive to Saturday, the first of May, when the earlier moratorium in place was set to expire. The new law extends the ban to Aug. 31. 

“While we can see the light at the end of the tunnel of the global health crisis of the last year, the economic impacts on our families and small businesses have not diminished,” Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said. “Extending these moratoriums will give people the time they need to recover financially, keep families in their homes and keep businesses' doors open.”

The pandemic has created an economic hardship for millions of New Yorkers, and the public health crisis last year led to a sharp spike in joblessness. Supporters of the moratorium point to tens of thousands of New York tenants who have been kept in their homes because of the moratorium in place for the last year.

But Republicans have argued the moratorium has hurt small landlords who cannot afford to absorb another eviction ban without direct government assistance. 

"Everyone agrees that last year was a nightmare for millions of New Yorkers struggling to pay their rent or mortgage," Senate Minority Leader Robert Ortt said. "Time and time again, though, one-party rule in Albany has refused to put forward sensible solutions that actually work for struggling New York tenants and landlords."