People who would meet with Governor Andrew Cuomo were given COVID-19 tests prior to seeing him in person, he said on Monday, as he continues to face questions over why those close to him received access to the tests last year. 

"If I was meeting someone, if you were a reporter coming in to do an interview with me, you would get a test," Cuomo said. "If I was meeting with a county executive, the county executive would get a test.  If my family was coming to meet me or I was coming to meet them, they would get a test. That was the protocol."

Cuomo family members and those close to him last year received COVID-19 tests at a time when supplies were scarce and testing of the general population was still months away.  

The Washington Post and The Times Union reported Cuomo's family members, including his brother Chris Cuomo, received a COVID-19 test last year performed by state workers. 

The preferential testing controversy has been added to the laundry list of impeachment investigations being conducted by the Assembly Judiciary Committee.