State workers who rely on hard copies of their paychecks could see a delay in receiving them as a finalized budget deal was not reached on Monday, according to state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's office in a statement on Monday.

The budget is now more than five days late, as lawmakers and the governor debate the last few remaining details.

DiNapoli warned last week that 39,000 state workers could receive their paychecks late if a budget deal or a budget extender was not passed by Monday.

A budget extender is a temporary appropriation that keeps the government running and ensures state workers get paid on time.

The comptroller’s office said that if a budget or budget extender is not adopted on Tuesday, employees with direct deposit could also receive their deposits late.

“As soon as a budget is passed, all efforts will be made to ensure that these employees are paid,” DiNapoli spokeswoman Jennifer Freeman said.

These state employees include health care, education, and correctional institution workers whose fiscal year starts on April 8. SUNY and CUNY employees would not be impacted, since their fiscal year starts on July 1. 

As of Monday at midnight, the state still had not released the “revenue” budget bill, which would mean lawmakers would be ready to start tackling voting on a finalized deal.