The Democratic-led Assembly is likely to advance its own package of nursing home reforms in the coming weeks, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie on Monday said. 

But it's not yet clear if the Assembly will move to curb Gov. Andrew Cuomo's powers granted to him last year by lawmakers to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic largely through executive order. 

"But I do think we're still trying to sift through where members want to go," Heastie said. "Members were not quite sure."

Lawmakers have called for Cuomo to be stripped of his power to respond to the crisis amid a series of revelations his administration withheld data on nursing home fatalities in order to respond to a federal government inquiry. 

The process of scaling back that authority is increasingly blurring into the state budget timline. The spending plan is due at the end of March; Cuomo's power expires at the end of April. 

Heastie said his conference does not want to include either a nursing home package or a potential bill to remove the governor's power in a broader budget agreement, where Cuomo has more leverage.

"We're still trying to come to a place where all of the members would be comfortable on," Heastie said. "I think there's a consensus that the members want to take some action."