New York plans to accept the guidance from the CDC, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday concerns remain over supply.

Cuomo criticized federal officials for expanding the eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine without also increasing supply for states facilitating the distribution of the doses. 

"The policy and the intelligence of the federal system eludes me," Cuomo said. "We will do the best we can. I happen to be Christian. This is a loaves and fishes situation."

The Centers for Disease Control earlier in the day announced those age 65 and above, along with people who have compromised immune systems, now qualify for the vaccine. 

New York is vaccinating health care workers and has made education workers, police officers and firefighters as well as people age 75 and above to schedule appointments for the vaccine. 

Adding the new groups will make at least 7 million people in New York eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Cuomo said the state is now only receiving about 300,000 doses of the virus. 

"The federal government did not give us an additional allocation," Cuomo said in a conference call. "At 300,000 a week, how do you serve 7 million people, now all of whom are eligible without any priority?"

The incoming Biden administration plans to free up more doses of the vaccine and ramp up manufacturing.

Officials at the Department of Health and Human Services reportedly plan to move ahead with this move now; Cuomo administration officials however said Tuesday they were yet to be notified of that shift.

"There will be a new federal government," Cuomo said. "The new federal government at the top of the list has to be increasing the priority for the vaccine."

Cuomo has said New York is adding more vaccination sites at pharmacies and at large centers at public college and university campuses. Cuomo wants to continue to focus on health care workers in New York in order to ensure hospitals and health care centers can continue to function has the pandemic continues.