Closing New York's budget gap will likely include a combination of tax increases for upper income New Yorkers, spending reductions and, potentially, aid from Washington. 

But increasingly under consideration in the Legislature are alternative means of generating more cash for the state, including a legalization of mobile sports betting. 

Democratic Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara on Wednesday became the latest lawmaker to endorse the move. 

"With businesses operating under socially distancing guidelines, health and safety restrictions and doing all or some of their business virtually and online, now is the time for New York to take the next step and move forward with mobile sports betting," Santabarbara said in a statement.

"The additional revenue to the state would be coming at a time when more funding is needed to support our schools and provide much-needed aid to our local communities, making it a win-win once again."

Wagers on sporting events are now confined to the state's casinos, but neighboring states, including New Jersey, have expanded to include bets taken over mobile devices. 

Santabara sits on the Assembly Racing and Wagering Committee and represents Schenectady, home of the Rivers Casino. But he says expanding mobile gaming can benefit the economy in the state. 

"The longer we wait on this, the more we lose out on a market that’s generating significant revenue in other states and could be part of the solution to address this year’s budget gap," he said.