New York restaurants are facing significant headwinds amid a resurgent pandemic and are in worse circumstances than their counterparts across the country, according to an industry survey. 

The survey found 54% of New York restaurants do not expect to survive the next six months without some form of federal relief, compared to 37% of restaurants nationwide. 

The survey comes as Congress is considering another round of relief measures in a $908 billion stimulus package that is stalling in negotiations. 

“Since March, our members have been sounding the alarm that without sufficient governmental relief, New York restaurants will not make it through the pandemic," said Melissa Fleischut, president and CEO of New York Restaurant Association. "Our once vibrant restaurant industry is suffering. Our members are in worse economic shape than most restaurants across the country, and today’s numbers make that picture crystal clear. It is time that our elected officials start fighting to save the industry before it is too late. Financial aid from the federal government is one of our last hopes.” 

New York's unemployment stood above 9% in October. Indoor dining restrictions could be tightened in New York if hospitalization rates do not stabilize.