Democratic Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins on Monday was re-elected the leader of her conference that has grown into a supermajority this year after a decade in the political wilderness. 

Stewart-Cousins was is set to become the first Democratic majority leader in the state Senate to serve a consecutive term in the post in decades when the Legislature reconvenes next year for the 2021 session. 

“I am honored and humbled to be re-elected by my Democratic colleagues to continue my service as Majority Leader of the New York State Senate,” she said.

“During our first session as the Democratic Majority, we enacted historic legislation to protect and expand New Yorkers’ rights and build a stronger and fairer state for all residents. The voters clearly supported our efforts and agenda as they elected the largest majority in Senate history and the first modern Democratic supermajority. We will use this mandate to help lead New York State forward as we address the ongoing pandemic and rebuild from this economic crisis.”

The Yonkers Democrat has held the leadership post since 2012, when she was took control of what had been a fractured and fractious Democratic conference. Since then, Democrats have worked to slowly expand the conference, first through the dissolution of a breakaway bloc of members and later by capturing full control after the 2018 elections.