Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday continued to blast county sheriffs who have said they will not enforce a 10-person limit on gatherings in homes.

"This is not a political situation," Cuomo said on Long Island, pointing to the federal government's recommendation that people do not spend Thanksgiving with people outside of their immediate homes.

Cuomo on Monday in an interview on WAMC radio in Albany said he was considering spending Thanksgiving with his mother and two daughters; his office quickly said he would spend the holiday working instead.

Cuomo has urged New Yorkers to not travel this Thanksgiving amid an upswing in coronavirus cases in the country and in New York.

But Cuomo in recent days has criticized sheriffs for announcing they would not enforce the 10-person limit on gatherings. On Tuesday, Cuomo called the pledges by sheriffs to be "a frightening precedent." Sheriffs in most counties in New York are elected positions, with duties that range from road patrols to overseeing county jails.

"It's very dangerous when law enforcement says 'I'm only going to enforce the laws I agree with.' You're not a law enforcement officer; you're a politician," Cuomo said.

He added, "What if they don't agree with anti-discrimination laws? What if they don't agree with domestic violence laws?"