Hospitalizations due to the coronavirus pandemic have increased by a net of 57 people in the last day to 1,845 patients as the positive rate in New York continued to be above 2%, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office. 

Cuomo, meanwhile, embroiled in a dispute with President Donald Trump over a potential COVID-19 vaccine, pledged on Sunday communities of color would be given access to any vaccination. 

"Let me be clear, the Black and brown communities that were first on the list of who died cannot be last on the list of who receives the vaccine, period," Cuomo said on Sunday while speaking at Riverside Church in Manhattan. "We cannot and we will not let that happen."

The statewide positive rate in New York stands at 2.74% in the last day and 30 people in the last day were confirmed to have died of COVID-19. 

There were 266 new hospitalizations due to the virus, Cuomo's office said. 

President Donald Trump on Friday said New York would not receive a potential vaccine for the virus until it was approved by Cuomo, who along with other states governors have set up a review panel to assess the FDA's own review. 

Cuomo has been critical of Trump's plan to distribute a vaccine through private-sector pharmacies and has raised concerns federal officials would collect information on people receiving it that could then be used to track undocumented immigrants. 

Cuomo previously said he was concerned a vaccine would be rushed into approval for political purposes. Pfizer, Inc. announced a week after Election Day a vaccine it had developed had a 90% effective rate in late-stage trials. 

The governor, a Democrat who endorsed President-elect Joe Biden's campaign, had previously said it was "bad news" the vaccine would be potentially distributed by the outgoing Trump administration. 

Cuomo has said New York is ready to distribute the vaccine, but urged the federal government to implement a plan that works for all communities. 

"The federal government must learn from its mistakes and dedicate the resources and supplies to get the job done right this time," Cuomo said on Sunday. "Rhetoric only goes so far. We don't want to hear anymore. We want actions because it is results that matter at the end of the day."