Think of the map of New York like a funnel: On the edges are parts of Upstate New York like Albany and Ithaca where unemployment is high, but at a relatively lower level than New York City. 

And New York City would be the funnel's mouth: A yawning 13.9% joblessness rate that's higher than the statewide 9.7% average in September, according to regional labor statistics released on Tuesday. 

New York's jobless rate fell from 12.5% in August to 9.7%, the first time it has dipped below double digits since the worst of the coronavirus pandemic and when shutdown orders closed schools and non-essential businesses. 

The areas outside of New York City have unemployment rates below 8%, including Albany at 5.4% and Buffalo at 6.7%. Rochester and Syracuse both hold unemployment rates of 6.1% 

All of these numbers are not good and are nearly double of what they were this time a year ago. 

But the New York City jobless concerns remain as tourism and the hospitality industry, key sectors for the wage economy, have struggled to regain jobs since the spring.