Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to meet with President Donald Trump about the next steps in combating the coronavirus pandemic, including how the implementation of a potential vaccine should be done in the coming months. 

Cuomo, on Thursday, released a letter as the chairman of the National Governors Association, co-written with his Arkansas counterpart, Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson. 

"States have been at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19, working tirelessly to protect and care for our residents during this global pandemic," Cuomo and Hutchinson wrote in the letter. "Governors are willing to assist your Administration's efforts to ensure a national vaccination campaign is implemented smoothly and efficiently. However, additional guidance and clarification is needed on the roles and expectations of states in a successful COVID-19 vaccine distribution and implementation plan." 

Cuomo has been critical of Trump's handling of the crisis, but has nevertheless spoken with him frequently during the pandemic about securing federal resources.

The governors want to coordinate federal and state responsibilities, the funding needs and supply chain management for the vaccination process. 

Cuomo in a conference call with reporters said he was worried about the potential of some people doubting the safety of vaccines and a segment of the population not taking it.