Mets Hall of Fame reliever John Franco has recorded a public service announcement urging subway riders to mask up while on their commutes. 

"Hey, this is John Franco. I saved 276 games for the New York Mets and now I'm asking you to make a few saves of your own – by wearing a mask on public transit," Franco said in the PSA recording. "You’ll keep yourself safe, others safe, and you may even save a life or two."

Franco is participating as part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's "Wear a Mask, Save a Life" campaign. The PSA is being heard at both stations and on trains starting on Wednesday. 

“By now, we should all be aware of the life-saving benefits of wearing a mask to combat the spread of COVID-19,” said Sarah Feinberg, the NYC Transit interim president. “We’re glad to see THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of our customers are wearing masks, but we will continue to remind EVERYONE in creative and effective ways.”

Franco in a statement called wearing a mask a sign of respect for New Yorkers. 

“My father worked in the Sanitation Department and dedicated his life to help making the City better. For me wearing a mask on the streets, or in the subways, is just another way of making the City better and helping save lives,” he said.

“I look at wearing a mask as not, just protecting yourself but showing respect for your fellow New Yorkers, especially on the subways where people are so close to each other and social distancing is not always possible. It’s really not that hard, wear a mask; make the trains safe for everyone.”