In August, Health Commissioner Howard Zucker told state lawmakers he would turn over raw data that went into the compilation of a report released by the Department of Health in July that blamed asymptomatic staff and guests for spreading the virus in the facilities in March.

That information remains elusive. 

Zucker on Monday in a conference call with Governor Andrew Cuomo said in response to a question the data was under review, but he wanted to ensure it was accurate before it was released. 

"We are making sure all the data is accurate," Zucker said. "We will release it once we have checked there's no duplication. I've promised all along I'll get that information to you."

At least 6,300 residents have died in New York nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic, though that number is likely higher given the state does not count residents who were transferred to hospitals and later died. 

Cuomo has defended the state's handling of nursing homes during the pandemic, pointing to the death toll being smaller relative to other states overall fatality rate.