New York will begin "direct enforcement" of guidelines meant to limit the spread of coronavirus in areas of the state seeing heightened cases, Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday said. 

"Local businesses that are in violation of the law will be fined and can be closed," Cuomo said. 

Parts of Queens, Brooklyn, Orange, and Rockland counties have seen increases in positive cases in the last several days. New York's overall positive rate in the last 24 hours stood at 1.1 percent out of 110,000 test results, Cuomo said. 

The effort will be similar to enforcement at bars and restaurants. 

"It's not a situation we like to be in... but the bars and restaurants weren't doing, the local government wasn't doing it, so life is options and we didn't have any," Cuomo said. 

Mask wearing, social distancing, and occupancy limitations will be enforced in those areas. 

Test results in hot spot areas came back 4.8 percent positive, Cuomo said. Weekend test results have varied, and can have a larger margin of error. Cuomo said the state is "over sampling" in the areas where there are higher COVID-19 cases.