The New York State Bar Association ripped President Donald Trump's administration for dropping diversity and inclusion training, calling the move an attack on the "fundamental tenets" of diversity in the workplace. 

The decision affects federal workers and military personnel, barring them from conducting diversity training that is meant to counteract issues like racial or gender bias when approving federal contracts. The announcement was made this month after a critical segment aired about the issue on Fox News. 

"While we do not believe America is an irredeemably racist or sexist country, we also cannot accept the assertion that racism and gender bias have been eradicated, and that race, sex and gender are no longer worthy of consideration in decisions involving our armed forces and the awarding of federal contracts and grants," Bar Association President Scott Karson said. 

The move itself to end the training is unconstitutiona under the First Amendmentl, Karson said. 

"The President, by executive order or otherwise, may not legally dictate what a vendor may or may not say to employees. Doing so is an unconstitutional regulation of the content of speech and will have a chilling effect on efforts to bring more diversity into the workplace," he said.