A federal appeals court on Monday sided with President Donald Trump's administration in an immigration case in a ruling that terminates temporary protected status for immigrants from at least four countries. 

The ruling will end the status for immigrants from El Salvador, Sudan, Nicaragua, and Haiti while also opening the door for ending temporary protected status in Honduras and Nepal, which is being reviewed in a separate case. 

The end of the status would go into effect in March of next year. 

Immigration organizations decried the development. 

“It is extremely disappointing that the Ninth Circuit has sided with the Trump Administration, throwing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with TPS – including thousands serving in essential frontline roles in the fight against the coronavirus crisis – and their U.S.-citizen family members further into chaos. TPS holders are our friends, neighbors, and colleagues – they deserve to be able to live their lives with certainty in the country that they have made their home," said Todd Schulte, the president of FWD.us. 

“It is absolutely vital that Congress passes permanent relief for TPS holders to keep families together and allow hundreds of thousands of TPS holders, many of whom have lived in the United States for decades, to continue raising their families and contributing to our communities.”