The bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus on Tuesday released a framework for a pandemic stimulus package that would include $500 billion in funding for state and local governments across the country.

Negotiations in Washington over the final stimulus measure have stalled since June amid disagreements over the scope of the package and whether state governments should receive aid to make up for revenues lost during the crisis.

Funding would also be set aside for health care, direct aid for families, unemployment assistance, small business support, and schools. 



The bipartisan group is co-led by Republican Rep. Tom Reed, who represents a district in western New York and the Southern Tier. 

“Americans deserve a functioning Congress that can rise to the challenge and deliver the relief they need,” Reed said.

“Our framework reflects months of bipartisan consensus-building on the actions the federal government can take to help working families and local communities across the country as they navigate the impacts of COVID-19. We are hopeful this package will help bring lead negotiations back to the table as we try to solve this problem for the American people.”  

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in an interview with Long Island News Radio earlier Tuesday, said the state needs at least $50 billion from the federal government to help plug the hole in the state budget over the coming years.