At first glance things look like business as usual at the Ellms Family Farm. 

But with Labor Day over workers are getting ready for a fall agritourism season that always bring a lot of people out to the farm in Ballston Spa. 

Like every business due to the coronavirus pandemic things are going to be a little different this year. 

The farm is following new state regulations for social distancing and mask wearing. And owner Garth Ellms has also invested in a new device. 

"We're going to have a backpack, fogger-sanitizer that will pretty cover every square centimeter of the property," he said. 

It sounds like a leaf blower and looks a little like the proton pack from Ghostbusters. Only instead of getting rid of ghosts, it’s fighting coronavirus — ensuring kids and their families are safe when they visit. 

Agritourism is a $200 million business in New York, part of the overall farm economy in New York State that generally speaking has been struggling in recent years. 

But Ellms’s farm has been expanding virtually every year since he’s owned the property in the early 80s. 

"It's pretty much a year-round business as much as you can be year-round working in the northeast," he said. 

The pandemic has required some adjustments for the farm. School kids aren’t making trips this year. But they can still come with their parents when the farm opens for visitors on Sept. 19. 

It is getting colder out — winter is indeed coming, potentially shortening outdoor time during the pandemic. Ellms Farm and others like it can still provide that last bit of relief as the seasons change.