President Donald Trump is doing little to help New York because he wants to see the "demise of the cities" across the country, Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday said. 

New York faces a multi-billion dollar budget gap over several fiscal years due to the economic downturn amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

And while federal action stalls — a key vote failed in the U.S. Senate about an hour after Cuomo spoke in a conference call — it's likely help may not come unless the presidential administration changes in Washington, Cuomo said. 

"That election I believe is what's going to be determinative," Cuomo said. "President Trump has made clear he's no friend of the cities and metropolitan areas in this country."

New York is seeking billions of dollars in federal aid to offset the revenue losses created by the pandemic. Cuts of up to 20 percent for schools, local governments and other entities that receive state support are likely if the money does not come through from Washington. 

Cuomo continued to not rule out a mix of tax increases and borrowing as well as spending reductions to close the gap. On Thursday he added another cost-saving possibility: Early retirements for public workers. 

But even all of those measures may not be enough, Cuomo said. 

"President Trump wants to see the demise of the cities in some cruel, twisted psychology that he's brought to bear," Cuomo said. 

Cuomo has been a supporter of former Vice President Joe Biden before he jumped into the presidential primary. 

"If the nation takes a different course in November, you're going to see a much different response to this national crisis," Cuomo said. "We won't really know until November. That will be the time when we see exactly the path forward."​