Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in a statement Thursday, blasted President Donald Trump after the Federal Emergency Management Agency signaled it would end funding for personal protective equipment and disinfection for mass transit and schools. 

The move comes as schools are set to reopen under social distancing guidelines, and with many requiring masks to be worn during most of the day.

FEMA will no longer reimburse the cost of purchasing PPE for states that are bought for schools, mass transit or any public service in a non-emergency setting. The new policy is set to take effect on Sept. 15.

Cuomo, in the statement, pointed to Trump this week signaling he would "defund" cities that have experienced unrest related to protests surrounding the killings of Black people by police. The governor has said the "defunding" action is illegal. 

"By quietly changing FEMA policy to no longer fund personal protective equipment or disinfection efforts for the MTA and schools, the President is telling essential workers that he does not value their safety or their sacrifices over the last six months," Cuomo said.

"Make no mistake, this is just another attempt by President Trump to hurt New York. We won't be bullied. The subways, buses, and schools have never been cleaner - and despite the federal government's negligence, the state will continue to work with the MTA and school districts to ensure transit workers, riders, teachers, students, and all New Yorkers remain safe."