Governor Andrew Cuomo, in a conference call on Thursday, railed against President Donald Trump's suggestion he would "defund" cities like New York that have seen unrest over the last several months, wagering the president he would not win New York in the November election. 

"The president says he's going to win New York State in the election," Cuomo said. "President says a lot of things. Whatever he would like to wager on his winning New York, I would take him up on it. If he is serious, old expression, 'put your money where your mouth is.' How much do you want to wager that you're going to win New York? He's going to lose New York."

Cuomo said Trump will lose New York because New Yorkers know him too well to like him.

"New Yorkers know him. He grew up here," Cuomo said. "We watched him as tabloid fodder for years. We know him and those who know him, know he's unsuited to be president."

Trump is most likely to lose New York, predictions aside, due in large part to the state's overwhelming Democratic enrollment, which has only grown since the 2016 election. 

A Republican has not won a statewide race in New York since 2002, when George Pataki won a third term as governor. A Republican presidential candidate has not won New York since 1984, when Ronald Reagan was re-elected. 

And Republicans lost their final lever of statewide power in 2018, when Democrats gained a majority in the state Senate.