The video made public Wednesday of Rochester police officers arresting a Black man in March who later died in custody was called "deeply disturbing" by Governor Andrew Cuomo in a statement Thursday afternoon. 

Cuomo's statement came as Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren suspended the officers involved. Officials have ruled Daniel Prude's death a homicide. Demonstrations have continued in the city and come amid a broader backdrop of protests against the killing of people of color by police across the country.

"Last night, I watched the video of Daniel Prude's death in Rochester. What I saw was deeply disturbing and I demand answers," Cuomo said in the statement. 

As he did during a conference call the prior evening, Cuomo pointed to an executive order he signed five years ago in the wake of the killing of Eric Garner on Staten Island that empowered the New York attorney general's office to investigate the police-involved deaths of civilians.  

"Under Executive Order 147, which I signed in 2015 after the death of Eric Garner, the Attorney General is investigating and I have full faith that she will complete a thorough review of the facts, get to the bottom of what happened and ensure that justice is served," Cuomo said.

"For the sake of Mr. Prude's family and the greater Rochester community I am calling for this case to be concluded as expeditiously as possible. For that to occur we need the full and timely cooperation of the Rochester Police Department and I trust it will fully comply."