If New Yorkers see property taxes increase, higher tolls or transit fares, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it won't be the state that is ultimately responsible.

“The state budget this year is effectively being crafted this year by the Congress people and the United States senators," Cuomo said during a Tuesday conference call.

The governor put the pressure specifically on federal leaders from New York, calling on Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand by name, not to give in to Republican stimulus plan, which does not include aid. He challenged Democratic congressional representatives to hold firm and their Republican counterparts to break silence and break from the GOP on this issue.

“There is nothing conceptual or abstract to this exercise," he said. "It is going to have a dramatic practical effect on New Yorkers and I want New Yorkers to know the consequences because I want our federal representatives held accountable.”

Cuomo said if the state does not get aid it will have to raise taxes and make more cuts to programs because the "money has to come from somewhere."