More than three dozen bars and restaurants were found to be in violation of guidelines meant to restrict the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday said. 

Investigators at the State Liquor Authority and a task force of the State Police conducted a sweep of downstate drinking and eating establishments as the state tries to limit large outdoor gatherings of people at bars.  

But Cuomo also once again urged local officials to enforce the social distancing guidelines, saying state officials do not have the resources to handle the effort on their own. 

Bar and restaurant owners have criticized state rules that require "substantial" food be served in order to remain in business as the state tries to mitigate spread.

Overall, New York has seen its COVID infection rate remain at a flattened rate as most of the rest of the country has seen cases soar in recent weeks. 

Hospitalizations from the virus stand at 650 patients, one of the lowest levels since March. Nine people have died in the last day from COVID-19. 

The results of about 76,000 tests found a positive rate of 0.98 percent.