Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he discouraged President Donald Trump from sending federal law enforcement officials to New York City to handle rising crime, telling the president the state would step in if necessary. 

Cuomo discussed the call held with the president on Tuesday in a conference call this morning with reporters, saying he does not believe the situation yet warrants state or federal action in New York City. 

"I said, at this point, I think the situation can be managed by the state to the extent anything can be done," Cuomo said. 

Trump has publicly said he would consider sending federal law enforcement officers to New York City and other large cities to combat crime. 

The move has sparked outrage in Portland, where federal law enforcement officials — not wearing any identifying patches or agency names — have been deployed to detain protesters. Some people have whisked away into unmarked vans as well, sparking calls from Oregon state officials for a legal challenge. 

Cuomo was measured in his description of the phone call with the president, calling it a "good conversation." 

He added he would send additional state law enforcement officials to New York City if a public emergency is declared.

"I would address it as the state government," he said.

Federal intervention would only be needed if the state fails to address public safety, but Cuomo said "We're not there yet."