The top Republican lawmakers in the state Senate and Assembly are signing onto a bill that would create an independent investigation of nursing home and long-term care facility deaths during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The measure was originally introduced by Sen. Jim Tedisco and has the support of Senate Minority Leader Robert Ortt and Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay. 

The bill comes as the Assembly and Senate next month plan to hold a pair of public hearings on the nursing home issue. 

Republicans are also pushing Democrats to use their subpeona to investigate deaths at the facilities. 

“What's happened in New York's nursing homes is devastating and grieving families deserve answers," Ortt said in a statement. "A state commission with subpoena power to examine how the state's actions impacted nursing homes, assisted living and long term care facilities is needed to provide an impartial review of this tragedy. I applaud Senator Tedisco for advancing legislation to bring sunshine to this important issue."