New York's coronavirus caseload is -- to borrow Gov. Andrew Cuomo's visual metaphor -- finally descending the mountain. 

Less 900 cases remain in New York hospitals and the infection rate out of tens of thousands of tests each day has tiptoed around 1 percent over the last several days. New York is finding hotspots -- a slate company in Washington County, a manufacturer in Montgomery County, a graduation in Westchester County -- but that also means the virus is be tracked back to a source and the infection can be slowed. 

But Cuomo remains concerned the virus will make a return in the state has more of the United States sees a spike in cases.  

In a radio interview with WAMC on Monday, Cuomo said he's concerned someone traveling through a New York airport from a high infection state will set off the virus agan.  

"I am very worried they are going to come in through New York and we'll see a spike once again," he said. 

New York officials have implemented a 14-day quarantine to limit the movement of people who have traveled from high infection rate states. Cuomo is also re-considering whether indoor dining in New York City can take place, with a decision coming on Wednesday. 

At the same time, malls, movie theaters and gyms are not opening for now under phase 4 as initially suggested. 

It is ultimately up to local governments, Cuomo has said, to make sure people are using masks and socially distancing in public.