Hospitalizations from coronavirus in New York fell below 900 cases as more than 60,000 tests in the last day found a positive rate of less than 1 percent, Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office on Sunday announced. 

Five people died from the virus on Saturday, the lowest level since March, while 616 new COVID-19 cases were discovered from 61,906 tests. 

The COVID-19 cases in New York stand in stark contrast to much of the rest of the country in the south and west, where cases continued to surge this weekend. 

Cuomo in an interview on Meet the Press Sunday morning warned New York could see a spike in cases from other states if the virus is not brought under control elsewhere. 

New York's economy is gradually reopening with most regions entering the fourth phase of the process. But reopening schools by September could be a more complicated process, Cuomo warned in the interview. 

"We’re preparing to open schools...but I’ll be honest with you, it’s two months away,” Cuomo said in the interview “I mean this is complicated, so let's get the facts, and we'll make the decision when we have to, but we’re prepared. But, if this continues across the country, you're right Chuck, kids are going to be home for a long time."

Child care could turn to a more dire concern for parents of children who are back at work, but facing the prospect of a school year in which kids are spending half of their time at home for distancing learning.