Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office on Wednesday morning released updated guidance for businesses that will be allowed to operate in the fourth reopening phase. 

What You Need To Know

  • Phase 4 guidance has been released

  • It confirms malls, movie theaters, and gyms will not open immediately

  • Higher education, media production, and museums can open, but with limits on occupancy

The guidance confirms that gyms, movie theaters and malls will not immediately be part of the fourth phase. 

What will be included in the fourth phase include outdoor and indoor arts and entertainment that are deemed low-risk such as museums, historical sites and aquariums. Also included in this phase are zoos, botanical gardens and nature parks. 

Higher education institutions are also allowd to operate, as well as media production companies for movies, TV and music. 

Social distancing guidelines and occupancy limits will also be in place for these businesses and organizations. 

New York's infection rate of new coronavirus cases has fallen to among the lowest in the country, with about 1 percent of new cases being found out of tens of thousands of tests conducted daily. The virus, however, is surging in the south and western part of the country.

Most regions of the state are now in the third phase and set to enter the next stage in the coming days.