The schedule and routine has been relatively straightforward and somewhat consistent: Governor Andrew Cuomo will hold a briefing at 11:30 a.m. Or noon. Sometimes, depending on if President Donald Trump is speaking, the time has been pushed back to 1 p.m. 

What You Need To Know

  • Gov. Cuomo has held daily briefings, even on holidays, for more than 100 days in a row.

  • Cuomo hinted on Monday they could end soon.

  • The briefings began to update people on coronavirus, and now on efforts to combat police brutality.

The powerpoint slides and a homily that does not change much day to day depending upon the news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and, in recent weeks, anti-police brutality demonstrations. 

At some point, Cuomo acknowledged on Monday in an interview with WAMC, these briefings will end. 

"We're not there yet, but as soon as we're on the other side of the mountain," Cuomo said, "I'll end the daily briefings and go back to the normal briefing schedule."

Cuomo has held briefings for more than 100 days in a row, often in Albany in the governor's ceremonial office known as the Red Room on the second floor of the Capitol. 

Sometimes he is in his less ceremonial offices in New York City or elsewhere in the state, speaking with a different press corps. 

The briefings have continued even as mayors, county executvies and the president have dropped their news conferences from the daily schedule. 

And the briefings are now a mix of an update on the pandemic and what's being done to address police policy in New York. 

It's been unusual for the press to have this much direct access to Cuomo on a day-to-day basis. News conferences with him had been few and far between. Cuomo would often only make an appearance in Albany if he had some specific news to share, a point he wanted to make or an obligation to sit for questions after so many days. 

But during these days, with the news constantly changing, the briefings have provided some consistentcy during an otherwise unpredictable year.